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Whether you are a college student looking for an affordable place to live for the next academic year or a professional needing a peaceful apartment near Morgantown, Ashworth Landing has  the features you are looking for. If you are on the market and are considering where your next move should be, consider these 4 Reasons to Live at Ashworh Landing:

  1. The Quiet
    • People deserve to live with peace of mind and security. The neighborhood around Ashworth Landing is peaceful and  understands the value of living in a quiet community.
  2. The Location
    • Ashworth Landing, located on Green Bag Road, is close to the University Ave I68 exit, downtown Morgantown, and Sabraton. This makes it an ideal place to be if you need quick access to multiple areas around town.
  3. The Pool
    • What better way to spend the summer than in the water? Ashworth Landing features access to the complex’s pool for residents to enjoy.
  4. The Price
    • Single and two bedroom apartments feature hardwood floors, central air conditioning, washer / dryer units, new oven ranges, and a dishwasher. Prices start at $635 for the standard one bedroom.

Visit the Ashworh Landing page for more information, pictures, and to apply today.

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